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Our Actions Count - Saving water is crucial at this stage - every drop counts!


waterwiseHave you become, or can you become, a skilled water user - and use less than 87 litres of water per day? If so - sign up below to become a WATER AMBASSADOR, and receive one of our blue ribbons, and then encourage those around you and people you meet, to help save water - one drop at a time!

17/8/17 The City’s Executive Mayor, Patricia de Lille, briefed the media on the City’s water resilience plan. "Today I announce the outcomes of the work that the Water Resilience Task Team has performed thus far, following..."

Water Update: 15/8/17 According to UCT climatology, Peter Johnston

14 Aug Dam Level 31.0%
Winter weekly increase 0.5-2% (say 1.5%)
Summer Weekly drop 0.5-1.5% (say 1%)

Minimum level 10%
Net amount 14 August 21.0%

Weeks remaining this Winter = 5 (assume winter rain over by spring equinox, Sept 23)
Likely total increase 7.5%

Usable level by Mid September 28.5% (31+7.5 less 10%)
Summer weekly drop of 1% = 28.5 weeks = 200 days

Water runs out in 200 days from today

2 March = NO WATER!

Dr Kevin Winter - BA (Hons) HDE (Cape Town), MA (London), PhD (Cape Town)
'Our water security is at huge risk. The next few months are largely unknown, but in the absence of any significant rainfall, the city could run out of water and that will be serious. Collectively we could make a difference. Start by trying to reach the target of using no more than 87 litres per day, as recommended by the City of Cape Town. It’s an odd number, but it sets a personal goal that could enable the city to squeak through the long hot summer until it rains again next year. It is not an easy goal to reach. Knowing how much water you use helps. Start by reading your water bill. If you use 2.6Kl per month, which is 2600 litres, then are you close to achieving that magic number of 87 litres per day. So, for example, if there are four people in your household then you should be within Step 2 of the municipal water tariff at under 10.5Kl per month, then the total monthly cost of water should be about R185. Read your water bill and share the results with others in your household. By the way, 87 litres per day applies to your personal water use whether you are in your home, workplace, school, and so on. Become a skilled water user. Your largest personal water use is from showering and sanitation. If you shower for 2 minutes you will use between 32 and 40 litres per day, and a single flush of the toilet uses between 6 and 20 litres. It’s hard to achieve 87 litres per day, but others are doing it. A final thought, if we all could achieve 87 litres per day or less then there might be sufficient water left in our storage dams to last until the next winter rainfall. A city without water will be miserable. Make every drop count by being a good steward of the water resources we have rather than when the taps are dry.'

Water Saving tips
  • Every time you flush the toilet, you can waste up to 35 litres of water. So why not just flush when necessary?
  • Collect water from cleaning, showering (have a bucket in the shower) and use it to flush the toilet
  • Check your appliances, washing machines & dish-washers, in particular. Always have a full load, check which cycle uses the least water.
  • Make sure you have NO water leaks.
  • Think about getting a water tank. Harvest the rainwater that runs off your roof. 
Here are some good websites and pages to look at and keep track of news and info on our current situation:

1. Click here for Cape Town Gov's water page

2. Click here for a simple tool that the City just put out

3. Some Facebook groups to join:
"Water Shedding Western Cape"
"ShowMe Paarl"

4. Read an article from Kevin Winter
"What’s driving Cape Town’s water insecurity, and what can be done about it"

Sign up to be a Water Ambassador:
Email Address:
Water Wise tips:

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