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Vital Signs of a Heathly ChurchGuy Chevreau
An unhealthy church is unlikely to see much by way of true spiritual growth. The spiritual vital signs – worship, leadership priorities, church climate, generosity, and evangelism and mission – are the core basics of church life. These easily assessed dynamics clearly reveal the relative health and wellbeing of a local fellowship. This spiritual diagnostic affords the opportunity to respond to changes that can have long lasting consequences.
Chevreau is not your typical observer/participant in recent charismatic movements. He is a skilled historical theologian and this book well reveals his ability to grapple with ecclesiological (the branch of theology concerned with the nature and the constitution and the functions of a church) issues in Scripture and Church History.
There is an emphasis on the transformative work of the Spirit in human lives ruined by sin to the discussion of the importance of biblical meditation, from the importance of servant leadership and the necessity of accountability among Christian leaders to the argument that “love is the hallmark of the healthiest churches”
vtal signs healthy church

All is Grace - Brennan Manning
This was a rollercoaster ride of a read – much joy about the evidence of God’s grace, but sadness about the downs in Brennan Manning’s life.  It is a potted autobiography of this man who has been a soldier, journalist, priest, husband, father, friend and well-known as the ragamuffin evangelist and who has battled with alcoholism since his late teens.
Max Lucado, pastor and best-selling author, says it exceptionally well on the book’s back cover: “Brennan’s memoir is at once unvarnished and confessional, grippingly honest and poignantly tender.  An unguarded peek into a life marked by foibles and blessings, gifts and pain, joy and regret.  But always, in every paragraph, grace.  Brennan has lived it, experienced it and grasps the extraordinary power of God’s great gift.”
A heartrending story filled with God’s abundant grace.
Foxe’s  Book of Martyrs
Together with the Bible, this amazing book used to be considered a must-have for every Christian home. It was originally written in the 1500s, and I found it difficult to ‘get into’ so was delighted to find this accessible modern version with updates about martyrs from the modern era.
In our age of relativism and post-modernism we are so scared of seeming intolerant and unaccepting. However our forebears died for their Christian beliefs, and later for their Protestant or Biblical beliefs. We may find it hard to understand why for example the Quakers faced persecution rather than doff their hats or give up the use of ‘Thee’ and ‘Thou’, but their insistence that God would communicate with ordinary believers is something we commonly accept, without realising the price that was paid for this teaching to become available. Christians today also don’t think it matters what we believe about Holy Communion, salvation by works and other issues, often not realising what is clearly taught in Scripture and what a ghastly price was paid by saints of old who were tortured and died for their adherence to the teachings of the Bible. We can be inspired by these stories and also come to a clearer understanding of our faith by reading about the principles for which these martyrs  were so ready to suffer
Very highly recommended, a ‘must-read’.



Taryn Galloway, 26/04/2013


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