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"Oh, how I love your law!
I meditate on it all day long"

Psalm 119:97


We’d love to pray with you, in person. At the end of every service on a Sunday there are prayer ministers available who would love to spend a few moments praying for you for any need you want to bring to God, or join you in giving a special prayer of thanks for answered prayer.
We also offer Quiet mornings, which are opportunities to spend time in a quiet enviroment listening to God speaking to you. Sozo Prayer Ministry is all offered
by a St John's Parish team.

Richard Foster,in his book Prayer, writes about Meditative Prayer: " The Bible ceases to be a quotation dictionary and becomes instead 'wonderful words of life' that lead to the Word of Life"
These mornings differ from the study of scripture. Meditation on Scripture centres on internalising and personalising the passage.

All are welcome - no previous experience of silence or meditation necessary.
The mornings are comprised  some input , then 45 minutes of silent reflection (with questions), then a little more input and some more silence and reflection.
Tea, coffee are available. Please bring you Bible and some kind of note book or journal.

There is no charge and all are welcome.  Dates in schedule below. 

The following Quiet Prayer mornings are:
Thursdays - 21 April, 19 May, nothing in June, 21 July, 18 Aug, 15 Sept,
20 Oct, 17 Nov.

in Rondebosch - host Judy Everingham

Saturdays - 23 April, 28 May, 25 June, 30 July, 27 Aug, 24 Sept, 29 Oct, 26 Nov.
-  in Kenilworth - host Marrianne Jessop

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Sozo ministry is an inner healing and deliverance ministry.
Sozo is a Greek word used in the New Testament and translates
as "saved, healed, delivered"
Sozo ministry gets to the root of what is standing between you and a life of freedom in Christ.
It explores your personal connection with Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
To schedule a personal appointment ( 1½ - 3 hours) contact the Parish office
021 797 6332.
For further information
or e-mail a Sozo contact to find out more or book a Sozo prayer Session.


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