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Dear folk of Christ Church
What started out quite spontaneously, informally and without much premeditation around the “We see a church…” question, has evolved into something quite significant. The number of responses is encouragingly much higher that is the norm for a statistical sample. Furthermore the thoughtfulness that has come through, despite it being something of a quick question, is also very heartening. For me, what is most encouraging is the positivity of most of the responses.
We expressed a yearning to be a church which is closely bonded in mutual relationship and warmly welcoming to all, courageous in its convictions, nurturing of spiritual growth and committed to mission, evangelism and social transformation. These are broad brush strokes, and they cover a range of desires, but all are worthy elements of a healthy church.
I am very grateful to Colleen Sturrock and Barry Jessop for the work they did in collating and analysing the responses. We are posting this analysis as well as the list of all the responses, because, in reading through the whole, one gets a sense of the extent of conviction behind the various priorities. Click HERE to read the responses.
The question that now engages us, is how to move on from here. Increasingly we desire to be a church that is able to say, “We are a church…” It is not as though we start from zero. In all the areas where we yearn to be a connected and impactful church, we already are engaged to varying degrees, and we have sought to take appropriate initiatives with the aim of being better. This survey feeds into our existing life.
One of the initiatives that is flowing directly from the aspirations of this survey is to “map” out area in terms of the people and activities that surround our building so that we can become a more engaged community. The prayer walking initiative (click here to see times) and the map in the welcome area are crucial to this. We also aim to revive the concept of “Christ Church Scattered” and map out field of influence and activity as people living vocationally from Monday to Saturday.
Another way we will be working with the document is by explicitly incorporating some of its statements and aspirations into our preaching and prayers, and by taking some of the sub-categories for our consideration through Pastorate and via material developed for small group use. In this way we will keep it alive in our consciousness.
Most significantly, it forms part of a bigger process seeking to become increasingly a “mission-shaped church”, engaging in a creative process of reimagining church, and seeking to express relevant discipleship in our age and context. It is about remaining faithful to our biblical heritage, drawing on long-standing strengths, but being courageous and willing to let go of some things in order to grasp new opportunities. The people of God are always a pilgrim people, called to live by faith


Taryn Galloway, 01/06/2017


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