Dear CCK,
It’s been a significant 24 hours at Christ Church. In response to the extreme weather warnings, we decided to open our doors yesterday to 45 men and women from our local community who usually sleep out. The relief amongst our guests was palpable as the rains and winds began and the atmosphere was wonderful as volunteers from 6 different churches including CCK, served some lovely hot food, chatted, prayed and watched movies before bedding down.
Four significant themes in the 'We see a Church that…’ feedback were a desire that we be a warm, welcoming church; a church that is deeply loving and cares for each another; a missional church that bears witness to the love and grace of Jesus, and a church that is engaged in showing compassion to those in need or difficulty, standing and speaking up with those who are oppressed, and challenging unjust systems in our unequal society. It’s in moments like these that we find ourselves able to express and share some of these deep desires and longings as followers of Jesus.
Within an hour of posting our appeal on social media and setting up Whatsapp groups, food, blankets and clothes began to be dropped off; money was donated; volunteers started signing up for shifts. The outpouring of concern, love and a desire to serve those most vulnerable together was magnificent.
It is perhaps not surprising that after 2 weeks of prayer walking and mapping our neighbourhood, God has also been preparing us to meet and build relationships with our homeless community.
* Over the next 24 hours, we would love you to join us on a shift - serving tea and coffee, a hot meal, chatting to guests, playing games, sharing God’s love and praying together.  We also need donations of towels, winter clothes, shoes, blankets, pillows, thin mattresses, and toiletries.
After the storm subsides, we could too easily revert back to living separate lives from those we are currently sheltering. Perhaps this is a key moment to prayerfully pause and ask God to reveal the horizon beyond these relief efforts. How are God’s purposes for each of our guests connected to his purposes for us and his kingdom becoming a reality in our local community? Let’s seek Him to know together.

Much love,
Annie and Rob

* Thank you to everyone who has donated. We have closed the collection now and we are distributing what we have received.
The emergency shelter has now closed with the storm having passed.
Please pray for our guests as they return to the streets and for our volunteers who have served tirelessly over this time.

Taryn Galloway, 08/06/2017


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