What do you long to see?

When you watch this clip and listen to the dreams and the vision of the local residents of East London, UK, it’s clear that as human beings we share so many deep longings for healing and wholeness in our personal lives and in the lives of others. We share a desire to realise ours and others true and full potential. We long for justice and shalom. To be human is to be made in the image of God. To carry within ourselves a DNA which is wired for his kingdom - a lived and shared reality which brims over with God’s presence and his characteristic reign of justice, shalom and hope among us as a whole human family.
In a country like South Africa where the injustices of the past continue to rob so many people, especially the most economically disadvantaged, what does God long for us to see? What vision does God have for every person, community and our nation?
- At Lotus High School, 10 mins drive from CCK and some of the most elite schools in the Western Cape, 70% of Grade 8-10 learners will leave school semi literate and numerate. What vision does God have to address these inequalities in our education system?
- This week Lindiwe Sisulu adjusted the lower income threshold for affordable social housing from R3,500 to R5,500. The minimum wage for Cleaners, Security Staff, Baristas, Taxi drivers is R3,500 or less… where are those who clean, protect and provide transport for our cities and suburbs everyday forced to live? In a world where housing justice and market-driven property development are being contested - the Grenfell Fire in London is a case in point, what vision does God have to address these inequalities in housing?
- Where housing for the poorest remains sub standard, and in the face of natural disasters such as the #CapeStorm and #KnysnaFire thousands are made homeless, what vision does God have to address these inequalities in housing and land justice?
There are opportunities before us to dream with God and with our local communities for the kind of society where his Kingdom becomes a reality for all. Where his shalom is shared. Where out of ashes, new life and hope can rise.
Two exciting opportunities which have sprung up in the last few weeks relate to shelter and affordable housing.
Churches Winter Night Shelter
In the wake of opening CCK for 48 hours to shelter members of our homeless community, CCK invited U-Turn and 3 other churches to explore opening a Winter Night Shelter for the homeless in the Southern Suburbs. The meeting was really inspiring and we are now approaching other churches to share the vision and to develop a shelter with 7 churches which can accommodate 20 guests who will be assessed by U-Turn and will be part of their daily programme of preparation for next steps according to their needs. 
On Monday 26th June, Sam Vos and Annie will be sharing this vision with the Kenilworth Village Residents and Business Association. Please pray for us as we develop this vision and key partnerships across our local community. Please sign up here to stay updated.
Affordable Housing for students within a holistic discipling community.
On Monday, Barry Jessop (Property Law Attorney of Dorrington Jessop Associates and member of CCK) and I, met with Rev Alan Storey, Central Methodist Mission, landlord of the former Ons Plek building in District Six, and Grant Owens and Rob Walker of Student Y Ministry and Board a student Christian ministry based at CPUT City and UCT.
We are moving towards creating an affordable housing model for students which is intentionally nurturing whole life disciples.
The property can accommodate 13 students and some newly working graduates who have been discipled by the Student Y and who would be key in nurturing the day to day rhythms of Christian spirituality. The rental will be R2750 pm per student.
The Student Y will screen and assess students according to means and suitability. Whilst there will be a faith-rooted ethos to community, it is purposefully inclusive of students of other or no particular profession of faith. The community will have shared values and commitments though which students will be asked to consider and agree to.
A member of CCK has pledged R100,000 pa for 4 years to support this initiative! This is an amazing act of generosity and we are seeking additional donations to create a buffer of up to 50% of the monthly rent and utilities of the lease. This is an opportunity to invest in disadvantaged students and a community which is seeking to invest in their whole person. Here is a mind map of ways that CCK and other partners will support and invest in their formation.
CPUT residential management are costing 13 beds, 13 wardrobes, 13 desks, 13 lamps, for the house however we would love donations of any of these items. We also need curtains, a dining room table and chairs, a sofa, kitchenware, two fridges and a washing machine. If you would like to contribute, please contact Annie.

It’s also a beautiful example of God’s ways of helping to redeem the past. The house is in District Six, where thousands of people were forcibly removed because of the colour of their skin under Apartheid.
We pray that this model of creating affordable housing for students may be replicated across universities so that more students will benefit. We are already prayerfully considering UCT with young adults and students with a similar vision. A second of R100,000 pa for 4 years for a UCT house has already been confirmed by the same CCK investor. 
If you would like to support this initiative financially, prayerfully and in mentoring and supporting students, please contact Annie.
These are exciting times! Let us be asking God to show us what he sees and responding whole-heartedly to see vision become reality!

Annie Kirke, 22/06/2017


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