We are in a holiday period with many families returning from time away. We hope that you are refreshed and had some special times together.
Very sadly, one of our families experienced a tragedy on holiday in Betty’s Bay 2 weeks ago. Kim and Ryan Fowler were away with their daughter Louise, who had just turned 7, and Claire, aged 5.
Ryan and Claire were on the beach, whilst Kim and Louise were on a rock. An unexpected wave rose up and swept over Louise taking her from Kim’s arms.
Ryan ran to try and find her in the turbulent waves. Tragically, he was unable to find her.
After days of search by rescue services, police divers and Neighbourhood Watch searches along the beaches, very sadly Louise was not found.
The shock, grief and sadness has been immense for Kim, Ryan, Claire and their families, who journeyed immediately to be with Kim and Ryan. At CCK we are grieving this loss deeply.
They are part of our family. Louise was a loved child by all in Children’s Church. Kim is a leader in Children’s Church too.
The death of a child is probably the most heart-wrenching of losses and most difficult to comprehend. It plunges us into difficult questions about God’s love for us and power to intervene, Where is he and why doesn’t he seem to act to stop these tragedies? How can he allow suffering? These deep questions lead us to paradoxes rather than answers concerning the nature of God’s love and power and His response to suffering. Jesus enters into human life - the whole experience  - including suffering and death to reveal that he can intimately relate to human suffering, pain and death, and chooses to experience it with us. This alone is consoling but, this is not the final word, in his death he overcomes is and is raised from the grave - the first and the promise to all who believe in Him that they too will die and rise again.
Last Thursday we held a memorial for Louise to which more than 500 adults and children came to mourn and honour this special girl whose love and faith were deep and rich for one so young. We learnt she had called her teddy bear - ‘Children’s Church’ and how much she loved Jesus and loved others. 
Many have asked how they can support Ryan, Kim and the family. A meal rota was quickly filled and they have had family with them until Friday. They will need sustained support - meals, hugs, prayer and thoughtful acts of love over the weeks and months ahead. Please prioritise them in your prayers and stay in touch with Ali Bourne, Marc and Susan Gammon, Mark Russell and Barbara Richardson who will update us on how we can support them.
Let’s be attentive to one another too. The loss of one, is often a reminder of a loss of others - family members, friends and those we have loved. We may find ourselves re-living traumas - current or past. Let’s share them with one another and hold each other in prayer and stay close to each other. Let’s be a tight family; fulfilling the law of love by bearing one another’s burdens (Galatians 6:2 - Judy preached a great sermon about this last Sunday) as we grapple with the paradoxes of living our faith in a world of joy and sorrow, celebration and lament.

Taryn Galloway, 14/07/2017


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