Dear Friends,
We are preparing for a significant month in November and I want to take some time putting it in context for all of us.
We don’t need telling that these are turbulent times in our society with old issues from our past combining with our current political and economic woes and our uncertainties about the future, all contributing to this turbulence.
Naturally it affects us in our church community and all the more so as we seek to be actively and prophetically engaging with the issues of our society as ambassadors of the Kingdom of God.
In line with this, the various leadership and staff forums in CCK have been placing an increased emphasis on discerning the mind of the Lord for the future of our church. The practice of discernment was also the focus of a very helpful sermon by Colleen Sturrock late in March this year. This went hand-in-hand with the gleaning of insights in the “We see a church…” process that we shared in around that time. (Please see the responses from the We see a church HERE)
The call to all to join in a series of four Wednesday night meetings in November builds on this existing momentum as we seek to pray, reflect and plan for action going forward.
I am well aware that it is not an easy season of the year for many folk and, together with senior staff and Wardens we have given thought to the timing. We have decided to go ahead for a number of reasons.
Firstly, it is seems good to pause and reflect as this year nears its end.
Secondly, there are various major decisions which are pressing. These include staff movements, job descriptions, the future of Christ Church Centre after an ultimatum from the Fire Department, changes regarding the use of the Stepping Stones Cottage, as well as mooted cosmetic alterations to the church and courtyard. It seems right to us that we ask the bigger questions of ourselves before seeking to answer the more specific ones.
Thirdly, we are aware of people in our congregation with strong feelings about some of the present initiatives and priorities we are invested in, and we feel that it is important to hear as many voices as we can in the process of coming to a common mind about the path we pursue over the next years.
Lastly, this isn’t “the only bus leaving the terminus”, but continues a process of discernment that will unfold further in the New Year and in which our desire is that everyone has a voice and makes their contribution.
There was a time when the Early Church paused listened to Paul, Barnabas and Peter, sought the mind of the Lord, and reshaped their theological and missional understanding to embrace the Gentile mission. There was a time when the Catholic Church paused and gave itself to the Vatican II process in order to reposition itself in a changing world. Obviously, what we are doing is not on any scale like that, but they are antecedents that help us put this process of prophetic imagination in context. 
There is a broad horizon to what we will be doing, engaging our inner life as well as our missional activities, and taking stock of where we are; what has contributed to our being where we are; and how we would like things to change and develop into the future. This covers everything from bricks and mortar to our relationships, to our spirituality, to our engagement with the needs of surrounding society, to our pastoral support of people in all stages of life, and everything between.
The second of Stephen Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” is the injunction to “begin with the end in mind”. There is enormous power and motivation in arriving at a compelling shared picture of a desired future. It helps us map our path and be clear about our priorities and choices.
The journey we are on is not necessarily comfortable, nor will it be free of some mistakes along the way; but it also promises shared purposefulness, deeper unity, enhanced faith and greater impact.
For all the reasons set out above, I strongly urge you to give us these six hours, spread over four Wednesday evenings in November and then to attend our annual Church Meeting on Wednesday 29th November. I dearly hope we can all make this a special priority.
Warm greetings

Taryn Galloway, 13/10/2017


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