• The closing of 2017 and the beginning of 2018 have brought us into a season of considerable staff movements and changes.
  • Barbara Richardson is stepping out of her longstanding role in leading Children’s Church and she will be taking on a strategically important role of pastoral oversight and engagement in all aspects of congregational life. (This will be a transition over time).
  • Mark Russell has moved from his role as our Ambies leader and is now guiding and facilitating the whole sector of mission and social development, which had previously been part of Annie’s role in CCK. Already he is bringing lots of energy and vision to this ministry. This is a medium-term probationary appointment which we will be reviewing at the end of the year.
  • Bushy Ash is leaving his role in Children’s Church, to move into an exciting calling in pioneer ministry and the establishment and fostering of missional communities with a special focus on students.
  • Cath Baytopp has stepped in to replace Mark as Ambies leader on an interim basis and that transition is going well already.
  • Obviously, with Annie’s leaving there is a gap for the position of Assistant Minister, but we feel we can manage as we are for the immediate future and wish to take some time thinking and praying about how we address this vacancy.
  • Where this leaves us in terms of more immediate appointments is seeking, firstly one or two people of energy, vision and organizational ability, with a real heart for children for appointment, possibly part-time, to leadership in our Children’s Church. If you think that might be you or you have someone else in mind, please speak to Rob.
  • Secondly one or, possibly two part-time, appointments of people with an ability to give dynamic leadership within our Ambies and Young Adult ministries. Here again, if you are drawn to this, or know of someone you think might be, please speak to Rob.
  • As I said, the assistant minister position is one we will look at further down the line.
  • Please hold us in prayer as we seek the Lord’s guidance in these significant staff appointments. 

Taryn Galloway, 02/02/2018


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