This has to be the very best news since lockdown began - watch the clip below and hear what Nicky Gumble has to say to us.

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An Online Alpha is not to be missed. A CCK Alpha Online will start on the evening of Tuesday 29 September, 7.30pm that will then run every Tuesday evening for 75 minutes, until 8 December. Each session will comprise thought-provoking input, vibrant small group discussions to bounce around big issues - and also some fun. You would participate without leaving home, and, even better, can do so from anywhere in the world! And, of course, there is no charge. And if you don't find it engaging you can disengage, and nobody will hear you scrape your chair as you get up to leave! It is just the perfect opportunity to take the time to ask and explore life questions.

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Taryn Galloway, 06/05/2015