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Environmental Transformation is an integral expression of the redemptive


healing of the world that we seek in God’ power through Social Transformation.

“The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it.” Psalm 24 verse 1
“Right up to the present, the earth groans all over, like someone in the pangs of childbirth.” Roman chapter 8 verse 22.

The need for Environmental Transformation has never been more urgent. Climate change and global warming as a result of human activities on earth are putting the whole ‘biosphere’ at great risk of irreversible catastrophe. This includes all our fellow creatures from smallest to largest – plant, bird, animal, insect and micro-organism and all humans, especially the most deprived and future generation (“your children and your children’s children”) – in peril.
Pollution and our ‘normal’ behaviours are putting the planet at risk.

Join us as we share resources, experiences of and responses to these global emergencies in common Christian discipleship.
Here are some thoughts on Environmental Transformation and being a Christian written by one of CCK’s members:

The earth, consumption and salvation See page 9

Unlocking sustainability – a call to Christians See page 9

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Become a member of the South African Faith Communities’ Environmental Institute.

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Christ Church has a series of sermons with the focus on Creation. 
Please give the three sermons a watch here

Check out this amazing adventure done every year across the Peninsula in kayaks. A positive story for all those who actively caring for people and the environment.


“Let the message of Christ dwell among you in all its richness. Instruct and admonish each other with the utmost wisdom”. (Colossians chapter 3 verse 16)

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