Written by Rob Taylor on 16 February 2018
There is a perspective on the season of Lent that sees it simply in terms of grim self-denial; a time to “byt vas” and prove your mettle in keeping your resolve to give up some cherished thing. Of course there is value in self-denial when we embrace it out of the right motivation, but there is much more to Lent than just this.  MORE ...



Written by Annie Kirke on 26 January 2018
Lord Tennyson gave us the well-known quote, “More things are wrought through prayer than this world dreams of,” and I have no doubt of its truth. There is an ongoing river of prayer in Christ Church and many of the blessings we receive are attributable to it, I am sure. One of our special traditions is MORE...


Message from Annie

Written by Annie Kirke on 26 January 2018
Dear Christ Church,
Looking back
I can’t believe that this is my last Sunday at CCK in my role to date and that next week I begin a whole new chapter.
For those who have been away for announcements, I am going to be focusing four days a week on the development of 'More Than Peace' and supporting the training and  MORE ...


Thank You Annie

Written by Rob Taylor on 26 January 2018
As we prepare to commission and second Annie into her role within the growing “More Than Peace” movement, I wish to express my gratitude for the huge impetus she has brought to CCK in calling us to engage with wider society and to be much more sensitive to the divisive attitudes and issues of justice that remain rooted in our society and even in our own hearts.   MORE ...


Christmas Greetings and Change

Written by Rob Taylor on 15 December 2017
“See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.” So writes Isaiah in chapter 43. It is a reminder to us that our God is the God of the unexpected. The angel’s announcement to Mary that she, though a virgin, will be the mother of the Son of God and his birth in such MORE ...


Annie's Next Steps

Written by Annie Kirke on 6 December 2017
It’s been a really significant year for More Than Peace - a coalition initiated by churches and Christian organisations under the mandate of the South African Christian Leaders Initiative (SACLI.org), to work on establishing peace and social justice in our nation.
Christ Church was one of the founding coalition partners along with


They wait upon the Lord...

Written by Rob Taylor on 12 October 2017
Dear Friends,
We are preparing for a significant month in November and I want to take some time putting it in context for all of us.
We don’t need telling that these are turbulent times in our society with old issues from our past combining with our current political and economic woes and our uncertainties about the future, all contributing to this turbulence.   MORE...


The Joy of Community

Written by Rob Taylor on 26 September 2017
We are just back after the wonderful long weekend Emerge camp at Rocklands near Simonstown. This is the second year of Emerge and on this, even more than the previous one, I was reminded afresh of what a beautiful thing Christian community is. We were a great extended family with young and old mingling freely and participating in shared experiences of worship and learning. After both our emerge weekends I have had people say, “I think   MORE...


Can you imagine a city where...?

Written by Corina Ash
Can you imagine a city where you aren’t valued according to what job you have, the degree you study, where you live, or what amount of money you make? Can you imagine a city where everyone has a place to contribute, dream, work, build, and care for one another? Where each person is able to get glimpses of God in a tangible way through their lived experience?  MORE...


Thoughts during Diocesan Synod

Written by Rob Taylor on 24 August 2017
In all my years in ministry, both in Natal and here, Diocesan synods are generally tedious affairs with all sorts of institutional formalities, much talk, underlying tensions and the interplay of church politics. Interspersed with all of this, there are some significant debates, helpful insights and important decisions. Last weekend we attended the 65th session of the Synod of the Diocese of Cape Town. Over the past few synods the question of human sexuality MORE...


Carry each other's burdens...

Written by Annie Kirke on 14 July 2017
We are in a holiday period with many families returning from time away. We hope that you are refreshed and had some special times together.
Very sadly, one of our families experienced a tragedy on holiday in Betty’s Bay 2 weeks ago. Kim and Ryan Fowler were away with their daughter Louise, who had just turned 7, and Claire, aged 5.
 Ryan and Claire were on the beach, whilst Kim and Louise were on a rock. An unexpected wave rose up and

cputhouse Written by Annie Kirke on 30 June 2017
On Wednesday evening The Warehouse hosted a donor event; the focus of which was how to distinguish between acts of ‘charity' and ‘justice’.
Brian Koela and Craig Stewart reflected on the importance of churches understanding the differences between these and in which circumstances they were called for MORE....


What do you long to see?

Written by Annie Kirke on 23 June 2017
When you watch this clip and listen to the dreams and the vision of the local residents of East London, UK, it’s clear that as human beings we share so many deep longings for healing and wholeness in our personal lives and in the lives of others. We share a desire to realise ours and others More.....


Looking Further Beyond the Storm

Written by Annie Kirke on 9 June 2017
It has been a tragic week in Cape Town and further afield that has left many homeless, injured and traumatised. Families have lost loved ones in the #CapeStorm and #KnysnaFire. I received a text from a pastor in Khayelitsha yesterday to say his house had been severely damaged by the storm and to please send Samaritans. The Warehouse, part of the RESPOND DISASTER NETWORK are consulting More...


Beyond the Storm

Written by Annie Kirke and Rob Taylor on 7 June 2017
Dear CCK,
It’s been a significant 24 hours at Christ Church. In response to the extreme weather warnings, we decided to open our doors yesterday to 45 men and women from our local community who usually sleep out. The relief amongst our guests was palpable as the rains and winds began and the atmosphere was wonderful as volunteers from More...


We see a Church ...

Written by Rob Taylor on 2 June 2017
Dear folk of Christ Church
What started out quite spontaneously, informally and without much premeditation around the “We see a church…” question, has evolved into something quite significant. The number of responses is encouragingly much higher that is the norm for a statistical sample.
More ...



Written by Annie Kirke on 19 May 2017
Following the amazing response to ‘We see a church that…’ we will be prayer-walking our community throughout the week for the next four weeks.
If we want to be part of community, grow and nurtue community, it's important to understand community -- what a community is, More ...


Focus on Lent

Written by Rob Taylor on 3 March 2017
The season of Lent has a special focus on three major areas of Christian discipleship:
Of course these three areas need to be part of Christian observance in all seasons of the year, but in Lent we highlight them and give special attention to weaving them into the fabric of our lives. More...



Written by Annie Kirke on 9 Feb 2017
“Through activism we confront toxicity in our world, through contemplation we confront it in ourselves.” Chris Heuertz
Last Sunday, Rob launched our focus as a church for this year in the first of a two part series - ‘Deeper In and Further Out’. If you missed it, I encourage you to listen to it here.
Like so many aspects of what it means to know and imitate (another word for obey) God - contemplation and action have experienced a  More.....


Unto Us A Child Is Born

Written by Annie Kirke on 15 Nov
I had only just arrived at CCK when Anri de Klerk, a member of CCK and close friend, invited me to meet David Morin, a freelance commercial director with more than 30 years industry experience as an actor, director, producer and screen writer in Hollywood, recently moved to Cape Town CBD.
David shared with Anri his dream to make a documentary about More.....



Written by Rob Taylor on 25th Nov
Dear Friends
Thank you all so much for the many expressions of concern and condolence we have received with regard to Burn’s miscarriage and the loss of their hopes for a child, and ours for a grandchild (this time round, anyway); we deeply appreciate your support. Not surprisingly the subject of gestation has been in my thinking, More.....


Quo Vadis Evangelicalism

Written by Rob Taylor on 18th Nov
Dear Friends
Many of us have real concerns about the huge support given to the Donald Trump campaign in the USA elections by White Americans who self-identify as “Evangelical Christians”. Not only the serious moral and character flaws of Donald Trump, but large chunks of his policy statements on foreign and domestic policy and  More.....



Written by Rob Taylor on 11th Nov
Dear Friends
On Thanksgiving Sunday I gave thanks for our son and daughter-in-law Paul and Burnette expecting the arrival of a baby, our first grandchild, in May next year. Subsequent news has been tough for all of us as scans show a failure of the heart to form and lymphatic problems. It seems there is very little chance More.....


Prince of Peace

Written by Rob Taylor on 4 Nov
Dear Friends
We are certainly living in historical days in the unfolding history of our nation. In the wake of the release of the State of Capture report there are hosts of voices calling for the resignation or removal of Jacob Zuma.  More......



Written by Rob Taylor on 28 Oct
We live in a country with a difficult history. Racial inequality was built into the Apartheid philosophy. Ours is also the country which tops the Gini coefficient which measures in all countries in the world the disparity between the very rich and the very poor. It is not a league that we want to be coming first in! We know that as middle-class White people we are beneficiaries of the systemic inequalities More....



Written by Rob Taylor on 25 Oct
Dear Friends
Now when Joshua was near Jericho, he looked up and saw a man standing in front of him with a drawn sword in his hand. Joshua went up to him and asked, ‘Are you for us or for our enemies?’
‘Neither,’ he replied, More.......


Grace Under Pressure

Written by Rob Taylor on 21 Oct
Dear Friends
As the crisis on our campuses with the Fees Must Fall protests continues to roll on and as we all, in our various ways, strive to engage with the issues and consequences it raises, we will all be feeling a growing sense of fatigue and desperation.  More....

Taryn Galloway, 16/11/2016


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