This November we are dedicating ourselves to waiting upon the Lord each day as part of a process of listening and seeking to discern God’s dream for our church and wider community.

- A 4 week journey on Wednesday nights
- Hearing Him together
- What is God saying to us as a church?
- What is His vision for Christ Church?

Wednesdays evenings – 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd Nov
6.15 -6.45 pm Worship (if you are able to come)
6.45 -8.15 pm Listening to God together
8.15 -8.45 pm Worship/tea and coffee, time for home groups to catch up with each other.
Wednesday 29th November - Church Meeting



We are praying for 24 hours from
Tues (31 Oct) 6pm - Wed (1Nov 6pm)

for an hour of prayer.









Take a nap.
Honour your body as a temple of the Holy Spirit.
(Psalm 127:2)

While reading a bible passage, interpret what you’re reading asking “What does this passage teach me about God? About myself? About how I should live as a Christian in this city?”

Fast from food and use meal times to pray. Do this once a week throughout November.

Listen to worship music from all different countries and get a preview of heaven, praising God - see Hillsong’s rendition of Amazing Grace in 50 laguages
Pray for our worship teams.

Practice “prayer breaks” throughout the day, pausing for a few moments of prayer every hour; set an alarm on your phone to help you remember.

Hang up your car keys. Walk to the shops, catch a train or take your bike.
Ask God to show you what he loves and what he laments as you journey.
Write it down.

Detox shopping for a month.  Clean out your wardrobe & donate good quality items to someone who needs them more or the U-Turn Bin at CCK Office. Bring them to the Thanksgiving Service.








Read the Bible in community with others of different ages, races, genders and life experiences.

Practice “heart cleaning” where you ask the Holy Spirit to reveal your own short-comings.  Ask God and others to forgive you. Spend time forgiving others.

Make dinner time story-time; ask your children, family & friends to share what pleases God about Kenilworth and what moves him with compassion?

Rise up early in the morning (while it’s still dark) for prayer in the stillness of night. Pray for us to hear God.

Gather with friends to prayer walk your streets - what do you see? What invites connection and neighbourliness? What denies that connection?

Pick a CCK missionary to support: send them birthday cards, care packages, e-mail them, PRAY for them, learn more about the culture they’re in, and look for ways to encourage them.

SA’s National Minimum Wage is R3,500 p/m. As you look at your budget, what could you do to live with less for a month?  Why not give what you save away or to the CCK Mercy Fund?








Find a high place or vantage point near where you live or near CCK and read aloud Ephesians 1:18.
As you listen and look, what does God open your eyes to see? Write it down.

Practice solitude this week, getting away from people, phones, social media, and chores for a quiet respite to “be still and know that [He is] God” (Psalm 46:10)

Read Matthew 5:6 - pray for CCK to hunger to live God's Word so that God's righteousness or Shalom is experienced by all in Kenilworth.

When you read or watch heart-breaking news, reflect on God’s faithfulness despite the evils of the world and ask Him to comfort, strengthen, and intervene in the situation.

Visit an older member, refugee or new member of CCK and ask them to share their story with you over coffee. Celebrate God's presence and faithfulness together.

Pray that we may experience God’s love. Meditate on John 3:16.

Volunteer with U-Turn, cook for a WOTS dinner, join CCK’s Bettaway After-School Club, visit the Refugee Law Clinic or take the kids at Home from Home to the park.

Build a physical altar using items of significance from your past to remember God’s faithful-ness. What does he long to share with you concerning your present and future? Ask God each morning this week to bring someone in your path with whom  you can share God’s love. Gather with others to prayer walk at UCT - pray for our Higher Education Institutions - for God’s light to lead manage-ment, staff academics & students to seek God’s Shalom. Thank God for all He has done and is doing in our community.
Make a list.?
Stick it on a mirror or fridge as a reminder.
Thank God for our church: pray for Rob, Annie and the staff team - what is God saying to you as you pray? Send an email or card to share it with them. Volunteer to babysit for one of the young families at CCK so they can have a date night. Meditate on Matt 18:20 - pray for all our services to be places of encounter with the Living Jesus.
Open your home to students, a young adult, someone from another country or background - cook and share a meal together. Share your stories and pray for one another. This week, read three chapters of the Bible a day, but don’t stop there: talk to God about what you read and what you’ve learned about Him in the text. Meditate - Matt 5:6 as you drive the kids to school, go to work, or walk the dog.? Pray for a hunger and thirst for righteousness to deepen our desire for God and his kingdom to come in all areas of our lives. Meditate on Psalm 23: Use the scripture to pray for Pastorate and the Wardens: Thobeka, Jeremy and Barry. What is God's word to them today? Practice silence by not speaking AND silencing the soundtrack in your mind. Pray for trust in the Lord to grow.
Visit the Quiet Service tonight.
When you live below the poverty line, food is not only scarce, choice is limited. Choose just 7 foods to live on for the week.
What does God reveal to you? Write your findings.
Thank God for our children and our ministry to them. Visualise Jesus inviting, blessing and praying for them (Matt 19:14). Make time to bless children in your life with love, affirmation and enjoyment.
Sit quietly & tune into what is holding your attention. e.g. anger, anxiety, fear, hurt, frustration,  insecurity... let these feelings come and go in the presence of Jesus  Let the words of 1 John 4:7??? renew you. 'Beloved, let us love one another, because love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God.'
1 John 4:7
Pray for our home groups.
Pray for our Church Meeting on Wed 29th Nov.  Ask God to reveal his purposes to us throughout November and give us one heart and mind in the Spirit as a community. Pray for unity for our church and that we may be a blessing to the communities around us. Water is essential
for life and a free gift from God to us all. Mediate on Athol Williams poem: Water Restrictions.
What response
does this poem call you to make?
See poem on back.



Taryn Galloway, 18/10/2017


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