The Annual Vestry Meeting of the Parish of St John the Evangelist, Wynberg,
is held annually in May each year.
This year the meeting will be held at St Phillips Church on Tuesday 29th May -
starting at 7pm (time to be confirmed).
All are welcome.

Proposal to Vestry 2018

Revision of the Descriptive Document – February 2018
A thorough review of the DD has been undertaken to clear up inconsistencies within the document and bring it in line with current practice and changes that emanated from the adoption and implementation of recommendations in the Newby Report (May 2011). In addition wording, layout and formatting changes have also been made to generally “tidy up” the document.
The Revised Draft (Feb 2018) was been circulated to Church Pastorates for comment. The Parish Council approved the revised draft at their meeting on 23rd April and proposes to the Parish Vestry that the revised 2018 version be approved.
Parish Council asks that all queries and any further proposed changes must be submitted to the Parish Administrator, John McPetrie - by 19 May.
Some of the changes made are:
The inclusion of a “Definitions” section at the start of the document
Clarifying the role of the Parish Rector Team Leader and Parish Leadership Team
Clarifies the role and mandate of the Parish Council Executive (PCE)
Removal of gender exclusive language
Clarified roles of Pastorates and made provision for a Pastorate Executive
Clarified the place of Church meetings
Clarified the role of the Parish Administrator and Financial administration
Clarifying the process of appointment and removal of staff
Changes to the section on Mission to bring it line with current teaching
Clarifying the processes involved in buying, selling leasing and mortgaging parish properties.
Updating the appendix Cemetery and Garden of Remembrance Appendix
Including the Newby Report as an Appendix
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